SUBMISSION: Pisces Swirling by Katherine Liepe-Levinson

Pisces Swirling by Katherine Liepe-Levinson. All Rights Reserved.

My Pond and Earth/Water Series are on-going explorations of local waterways and fresh water pond habitats in The Hamptons and the New York City area. These studies are meant as a testament to the preciousness of our ever-diminishing natural environments. The unusual vibrant colors and patterns in these works are natural results produced through: available light; selected camera angles; shifting wind patterns on the water and in the foliage; refracted reflections on the water surface; cropping/zooming for close ups; and fast shutter speeds. The photographs are printed by DUGGAL on Archival White Aluminum Dibond with Archival UV protected pigments, which create a soft, painterly quality. In feng shui, metal and water support and nourish one another. Metal creates water in the productive cycle of the five elements. As civil societies, we must learn how to better use the ‘metal/mettle’ of our technologies to support and nourish our natural habitats and resources.