First Prize Winner – Congratulations to Anastasia Korolevskaia for her two wonderful pieces which tied for First Prize. The pieces are Remainder of Time and The Beast Within. All Rights Reserved.
























The world constantly changes, a normal phenomenon, however, it is an undeniable truth that modern times are more destructive and harsher on the world around us, the environment and the homes of other creatures we should respect.
























The passage of time is uncontrolled, and this is the idea I had in mind while creating this drawing. Don’t let the time run out for these beautiful, endangered animals.

Third Prize Winner – Congratulations to Elizabeth Kachanova for Colorless. All Rights Reserved.



















Black and white portrait of a bongo antelope.

These beautiful creatures have been affected by habitat loss and hunting, which could lead to them becoming threatened. They have already begun to disappear from some territories.

Bongos have very stunning chestnut colored coats with brown and white patterns throughout their bodies. If they die out, then we will no longer be able to see their charming colors.

By depicting the bongo in black and white, I hope to make the viewer ponder the true colors of the bongo, and realize that if they die out, then we will never be able to truly see their colors.

Congratulations, Elizabeth!

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