SUBMISSION: Untitled by Loretta Kaufman

Untitled – Kruger Park: Africa Revisited. Acrylic on canvas by Loretta Kaufman. All Rights Reserved.

Paintings inspired by media reports of wildlife trafficking, elephant and rhino poaching in Africa. As an example,Tanzania had 43,000 elephants in 2014 down from 110,000 in 2009.Globally the trade in illegal wildlife is estimated at $20 billion a year & no end in sight. Surely a blot on the human race.

In the 1970’s I lived on a farmstead in South Africa populated with mongoose, secretary birds and rinkhals and became fascinated by the diversity and natural beauty of this part of our world. The naturalist David Attenborough has stated that “the African elephant is the largest land animal and that saving big animals is important”.

Painting the Africa Revisited series in 2014-2015 Kaufman used red throughout all 21 canvases to raise the awareness of Africa’s diminishing wildlife population. The use of red acrylic paint as the prominent color and painting flat forms gives her work excitement and tension. Her interest is in reducing the subject to bold simplified forms and eliminating perspective, light and shade. The animals in the Revisited seriesare intentionally painted out of all 21 canvases to draw attention to the disappearance of keystone species. Untitled was the last work in the series.

To see an elephant in the wild is an unforgettable experience and a privilege. This image aims to draw attention to the slaughter of these majestic animal for their tusks. Surely a blot on the human race.

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