SUBMISSION: Rhino Platter by Brynne Macosko Paguyo

Rhino Platter by Brynne Macosko Paguyo. All Rights Reserved.

My work in porcelain is about process, contemporary form and design. I become absorbed and consumed with the process of throwing, altering and molding the clay. I throw my pieces on the wheel and also hand build with molds I have made. One of the biggest joys is the feel of porcelain as I push the limits of its elasticity. I love experimenting with design elements on the surfaces of my pieces. Recently I have been drawing and printing images of endangered and threatened animals on my pieces. I hope to illustrate and draw attention to the fragility of their existence.

I am happy to make art that can be used by people on a daily basis. In our world of excess and need, functional art makes so much sense. My work with clay is an ever changing, evolving process. The idea that there is always something new to create is completely compelling.