ID474034 Butterflies Effects (Chapman Kuo)

SUBMISSION: Butterflies Effects by Chapman Kuo

Natural habitat destruction across the world is caused almost entirely…

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ID474044 Handsome (John E Baldwin)

SUBMISSION: Handsome by John Baldwin

“Handsome” is a resident King of the Beasts at the…

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ID473987 The Deconstruction of Marious (Deana Cizek)

SUBMISSION: The Deconstruction of Marious by Deana Cizek

This piece was a tribute to Marious the Giraffe who…

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ID473969 Refugee (Leslie C Green)

SUBMISSION: Refugee by Leslie Green

Acrylic on board. “Refugee” is part of my recent series…

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34”x64”x27” stainless steel

SUBMISSION: Florida Panther by Mary Taylor

Stainless steel rods, painted, clear-coated. I weld nature’s creatures in…

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ID473931 Glacier 1 (Rae Broyles)

SUBMISSION: Glacier I by Rae Broyles

A tribute to our beautiful glaciers. Encaustic, Oil and Cheesecloth…

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ID473925 teaching Moment (Susan W Miller)

SUBMISSION: Teaching Moment by Susan Miller

There is no question that these cubs are listening to…

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ID473887 Serenity in the Everglades (Dorothea E Talik)

SUBMISSION: Serenity in the Everglades by Dorothea Talik

White Heron custom framed – my photograph taken in preserve…

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ID473849 Elephant (Brenda Gordon)

SUBMISSION: Elephant by Brenda Gordon

African Elephant contoured in the American Flag. In my paintings,…

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ID473815 Second Chance (Douglas Aja)

SUBMISSION: Second Chance by Douglas Aja

Increased demand for ivory in Asia in recent years has…

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