WEB_FA_ID475467 The Gift (Nancy Cuevas) copy

SUBMISSION: The Gift by Nancy Cuevas

Monarch butterflies with woman in poppy field. I love to…

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WEB_FA_ID475470 Christopher (Jason R Shanaman) copy

SUBMISSION: Christopher by Jason Shaman

My primary focus with my sculpture is capturing the individuality…

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WEB_FA_ID475465 Dusk (Nancy Cuevas) copy

SUBMISSION: Dusk by Nancy Cuevas

Spanish lynx with woman. I love to paint women and…

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WEB_YA_ID475322 Arctic Rainbow of Epic Friendship (Thomas Oleson)

SUBMISSION: Arctic Rainbow of Epic Friendship by Thomas Oleson

Arctic Rainbow of Epic Friendship, in markers, by Young Artist,…

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WEB_WA_ID475463 Geri Orangutan Umbrella (Agata Ren)

SUBMISSION: Geri Orangutan Umbrella by Agata Ren

Multiple printed artwork, Geri, the orangutan who lives at the…

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SUBMISSION: Exotic Predator by Jane Saull

Red Lionfish, Pterois volitans. My mission as an artist is…

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SUBMISSION: Gliding by Gracie Peck

Intaglio print, fabric, glass, cabinet door etc. A depth of…

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SUBMISSION: Honu’s Journey Through Time and Space by Jane Saull

Atlantic Green Sea Turtle, Chelonia mynas, is one of the…

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WEB_P_ID475457 Eye to Eye with JoMo (Mary Littler)

SUBMISSION: Eye to Eye with JoMo by Mary Littler

This is a photograph of JoMo the male Silverback gorilla…

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WEB_FA_ID475455 Laid-Back (Barbara Conaway)

SUBMISSION: Laid-back by Barbara Conaway

A day at the zoo. Unable to travel to the…

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