ID467802 Trophy Mount (Kami Catherman)

SUBMISSION: Trophy Mount by Kami Catherman

I started as a self taught artist then gained more…

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SUBMISSION: Contentment by Lisa Renee Ludlum

One of my favorite quotes is “it’s not what you…

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ID463418 Gorilla (Lovejoy Creations)

SUBMISSION: Gorilla by Lovejoy Creations

This painting captures the soul of the gorilla and speaks…

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ID461586 Leadbeater's Possum Brooch 1 (Michelle K Stewart)

SUBMISSION: Leadbeater’s Possum Brooch 1 by Michelle Stewart

An oxidised hand-poured and forged shibuichi branch with lightly engraved…

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ID467636 African Wild Dogs (Mary O McIntosh)

SUBMISSION: African Wild Dogs by Mary McIntosh

This painting of two African Wild Dogs in the bush…

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ID465318 Hello World (Lisa Renee Ludlum)

SUBMISSION: Hello World by Lisa Renee Ludlum

One of my favorite quotes is “it’s not what you…

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ID467625 Elephant Walk Keith Alway

SUBMISSION: Elephant Walk by Keith Alway

This is a gallery-wrapped canvas giclee. The original took 1st…

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ID467612 Giants of the Savanna Donna Johnson

SUBMISSION: Giants of the Savanna by Donna Johnson

When I was a young girl living overseas, there was…

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ID467831 Primates Bela Fidel

SUBMISSION: Primates by Bela Fidel

Chimpanzees behind bars, pain in their eyes, distress in their…

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ID467588 Untitled Adele L Carne

SUBMISSION: Untitled by Adele Carne

A baby chimpanzee in the arms of it’s Mother. Adele…

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