WEB_FA_ID511600 My Territory (Richard Lewis)

SUBMISSION: My Territory by Richard Lewis

My Territory. Oil on canvas by Richard Lewis. All Rights…

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WEB_FA_ID511599 Moms Concern (Richard Lewis)

SUBMISSION: Mom’s Concern by Richard Lewis

Mom’s Concern. Oil on canvas by Richard Lewis. All Rights…

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WEB_WA_ID510631 Golden Slumbers (Jen Walls)

SUBMISSION: Golden Slumbers by Jen Walls

Golden Slumbers, mixed media on canvas paper, reprinted on fabric…

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WEB_P_ID511594 Think Through It (Judith Martin)

SUBMISSION: Think Through It by Judith Martin

Think Through It. Photograph by Judith Martin. All Rights Reserved…

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WEB_WA_ID510629 Poppy (Jen Walls)

SUBMISSION: Poppy by Jen Walls

Poppy. Watercolor on paper, printed on fabric by Jen Walls.…

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WEB_FA_ID510507 African Wild Dog (Paula Wiegmink)

SUBMISSION: African wild dog by Paula Wiegmink

African wild dog (Lycaon pictus). Acrylic on canvas by Paula…

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WEB_FA_ID506989 Get Outta My Face (Beth Rosengard)

SUBMISSION: Get Outta My Face! by Beth Rosengard

Get Outta My Face! Digital Photo Manipulation by Beth Rosengard.…

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WEB_FA_ID510025 Plight of the Monarch (Bonnie Kuhr)

SUBMISSION: Plight of the Monarchs by Bonnie Kuhr

Plight of the Monarchs by Bonnie Kuhr. All Rights Reserved.…

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WEB_FA_ID509643 Blue Gorilla (Sherrie Spencer)

SUBMISSION: Blue Gorilla by Sherrie Spencer

Blue Gorilla, Corel Painter on Wacom Tablet by Sherrie Spencer.…

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WEB_FA_ID510506 Precious Moments (Paula Wiegmink)

SUBMISSION: Precious Moments by Paula Wiegmink

Precious Moments, oil on canvas by Paula Wiegmink. All Rights…

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